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Kingdom Life Community Association (KLCA), founded in 2002, is a faith based non-profit organization for serving the multi-ethnic community of Los Angeles, including Latinos, Messianic Jews, Asians, African Americans and others.  We, KLCA, are an inter-denominational, multi-ethnic Christian Leader Fellowship.

      KLCA is a tax-deductible organization with both Federal and California state approval. We are in the Ministry of Reconciliation and we follow Jesus' command to "Love your neighbor as yourself."
Matthew 22:39.

For the Unity in Christ Jesus, we, KLCA, held two Breakfasts(Semi-annually) both in February and in September. Also, we held an One-day Conference(Annually) for Revival and the Unity in Christ as One New Man (Ephesians 2: 15).  The world encompasses each human being on earth, whether Jew or Gentle, whether white or black, male or female, poor or rich. This is the foundation of faith that unities us as Christians (John 3:16).

For in God's sight, we, Multi-ethnic Christians, are equal, beloved and valued by God. So, let us follow Jesus's command to love one another and share our faith through the power of God's love that overcome all barriers and differences. Let us have Unity in the Name of Christ Jesus.

Five Values of KLCA

1. Revival for Spiritual Unity in Christ Jesus 
2. Bring Peace and Unity into Our community

3. Sharing God's Love for our Multi-ethic Neighbors

4. Prevent Racism and support Human Rights

5. Resolve Community Conflict & Crime Rate

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