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Message from President

Welcome Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Jesus calls us to be the Light of the world, so let us be transformed by the message of the cross, and reflect His light that will transform the world.

I want to say thank you all Multi-ethnic Christian Leaders and Pastors (Asians, Latinos, African Americans, Caucasians, Messianic Jews and others) who serve closely together with KLCA for the Glory of God and Kingdom of Heaven.

I believe that the greater Los Angeles area needs all Churches that preach the Gospel to focus on unity as “One in Christ”; Unity brings forgiveness, restoration, and reconciliation; Unity has the power to tear down strongholds of racism, anger, and ignorance; Unity brings God’s peace and love which will bring prosperity to our community.

Kingdom Life Community Association (KLCA) is a multi-ethnic, non-denomination ministry for Christian Leaders and pastors. KLCA was founded in 2002 in Los Angeles, CA. The original founding name was “Korean Latino Community Association” but in June 2016, we officially inaugurated our new name: Kingdom Life Community Association. As we seek unity in Christ, we are seeking God’s Kingdom and Life that lives out God’s will for His People. KLCA is a non-profit and tax-deductible organization with both Federal (IRS) and California State approval.

I believe that we should open our hearts and minds for the Unity in Christ. In order to act out God’s message, we will hold semi-annual KLCA Prayer Breakfast Meetings, in February and September, and annual One-Day conference in June. This Kingdom Life Community Association ministry and conference is for you, that each one of us can reflect and share how we as a community can live out God’s Kingdom Life on this earth, together as brothers and sisters in Christ. It is for Multi-ethnic Christian leaders and pastors of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds to come together to fellowship and pray for our community, that we can have true unity in the Lord, rather than division.

I believe that Jesus Christ love is able to bring us together for the unity.  The 1992 LA Riots when the rifts of our society created by years of economic and racial disparities developed into the “Perfect Storm” that brought violence and destruction to our streets. Many have studied the incident and wrote reports on what could be improved to prevent such an event in the future. And since then, Los Angeles has seen the birth of many community organizations which focus on the political and social power of their respective ethnic groups. However, until now, there are no good solutions for the potential conflict and the racial tension among different ethnic groups. Why? It is because of our sins. As we know, Jesus is the answer, but many people not accept it.

I believe that we as Christians know that God the Lord is our Father, and we are his Children, thus, we are one family as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. God commend us, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:39). So, we as Christian Leaders and Pastors must love one another, associate with people of low positions, and live in harmony with one another in order to bring the Peace and Unity for our city, county, nation, and the world. Though the power of God’s love, we can have oneness in Christ and overcome both our differences, such as color, language, culture, value, system, theory, doctrine, denominations, and overcomal all barriers which is the dividing wall of Hostility.

Lastly, as Christian leaders and pastors, we can be the role models for our respective communities and overcome any differences and disagreements that may exist, and work together to build a true community of faith, continuing the Ministry of Reconciliation, not only between us and God, but with each other.  We, KLCA, follow the Christ Jesus, so we go and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God to the world (Luke 9:60) in order to build the One True Community of Faith as the Church, both Jews and Gentiles be united by the Lord Christ Jesus as “One New Man”.

God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,

Dr. Tae H. Kim

President, Kingdom Life Community Association (KLCA)     

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